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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/photos/blobfish-voted-world-s-ugliest-animal-slideshow/

  2. Gandalf on Crack, and an IV of Red Bull

    1. TheBytemaster


      This is how we all die. And all I wanted to do was pass.

  3. Neo! How dare you! Acting like your free of blame here! We all know your paid a commission for every poor innocent soul you ban!
  4. And naturally I will be there to set it ablaze.
  5. Laberous.... Seems legit.

    1. KakerMix
    2. spartanyanni


      Don't worry, we'll all pretend you said something smart.

  6. JAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKJJJJJJJ!!!!! You weren't horribly murdered and stuffed into a dumpster! Welcome back! By the way, come to the Kitty Jail! (Thread)
  7. Agreed. Not worth the risk if you get caught.
  8. I... Erm... Knowing Richs, I'm going to assume that this Is him trolling.
  9. Patron Saint of the Kitty Jail

  10. In addition, you need to find the Duckzzzzz.file in your big dig folder. De-archive it, and delete the Dong.class file. Then delete Forge Mod Loader.
  11. Around how many do you think we're deleted?
  12. We miss you Green

  13. Really??? I know it's funny, but...


    Poor Luke

    1. Torezu


      It's hilarious. What are you talking about?

  14. Don't worry. They already did that to themselves a while ago.
  15. No. The point of the picture is to brand you as someone who does not read the rules and/or act like a bag of dicks.
  16. No Melfice. We didn't call him out for not having an av. We called him out for being ignorant, arrogant, and an elitist prick.
  17. Please Help


  18. What you fail to comprhend is that it was YOU who instigated any hostilities by being ignorant and offensive.
  19. Do you have a short term memory problem? You commented on my lack of punishment, probably because you think this is a pc dominated community. I responded with something clarifying that, and apparently you can't recognize that.
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