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FPS issues


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So I'm setting up a new server with a friend. Right now, our memory usage is at like 20%, for both of us. However, I'm getting 60fps, and he's getting 20fps, with all the same settings. His computer is actually better than mine. Is there anything that might be causing an issue here? I have no java arguments set up on either of our machines. All the same mods, the same server, and the server is being run somewhere else entirely. Anybody smarter than me able to help me problem solve what the issue might be? Thanks!

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Couple fixxes.
If you have a more updated Java 8, than you will have better frames. Ask him to installed the latest Java 64-bit possible
At top right of the technic launcher you will see 3 bars. Click it and goto Java settings. make sure he has ATLEAST 2 gigs of ram in technic. If he cant he has a 32 bit Java installed and needs 64 bit.
If for some reason these do not fix the issue, have him run a virus/malware scan using "eset online scanner" (Its free and rated #1 at the moment). 
Also have him go into task manager to see how many programs are eating up resources (Chrome being a total ram hog) and have him turn those off, Then run the modpack. 

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