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Guild Wars 2


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I could write this on there fourms but i cant login for some reason anyway i just got a laptop for chsitmas and i boght guildwars2 it take so long to download it downloading at approx 18% per hour does anyone else have this problem or im going to have to wait a year to play guildewars2 (by the time i can play guildwars2 guildwars 3 will be out)

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I wanna celebrate chsitmas as well!!

I suppose you have to wait til next year when the download is complete.... good thing next year is only 2 days.

I meant next chsitmas not next year and i gess il have to leave it downloading all night better do it fast every update makes the grapics more detiled(well a know what i want next chstimas a monater)

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