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Minimap Teleportation

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Hey Guys,

i want to teleport in Tekkit Legends. I already set waypoints in the minimap but the game tells me that "mapwriter.cfg" needed to be changed. I already read a topic about that in here but they only said that it is able if you change the edit of the config but they didnt tell how or what. Hopefully you Guys can help me.


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I will assume Windows. In case of a Mac, start at ~Application Support.

Go to %appdata%\.roaming\.technic\modpacks\tekkit-legends\config

Locate the mapwriter.cfg in this folder. Open this file with notepad.

Edit the following line "I:teleportEnabled=0" to "I:teleportEnabled=1"

Save the file and restart your game. You should now be able to teleport to your waypoints, if you have sufficient permissions to do so (in case of a server).

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