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Sphax texture pack


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can anyone explain to me how i update the sphax text pack? i whent to the patch page and it listed a buch of patches for specific mods, and non of which i could click on to get a download.

is there one specificly for technic pack, if so can someone provide a link, as i h ave been searching for awhile and cant find anything.

also, what other technic pack compatible text packs are there?

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though your reply was arrogant to the extream, i thank you for i have located what i was looking for. thank you

to others who wish to find this patch and dont wish to endure the arrogance and ignorance of the select few members on here who think their supreme shit, the link is here: http://bdcraft.net/forum/technic-pack-64px128px

what arrogance?

the arrogance of pointing something out to someone who is obviously clueless/doesn't know how to scroll down?

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