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How to make a Tekkit server lag less?

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So one of my friends and I absolutely love the Tekkit modpack. Just the standard one with the blue rocket picture. 

We always run into a severe lag problem with the server. We can't manage to make it stay running smoothly after we build like two or three machines with a mediocre base. Both of our PCs are pretty top end for the modern day (2021) so we both have things like 1080TI graphics cards, 32GB of ram, etc. I've been running the server using the software on technicpack.net and allocating upwards of 20GB of ram to it, but for some reason the lag problems persist. In addition, it isn't lag caused by poor internet connection. We both have very fast internet that has more than enough bandwidth to support the server connection. To connect to each other we typically use Hamachi because we don't feel like trying to find another method or port forwarding our routers.

Any help would be super appreciated!

Since there isn't a way to edit, let me add. We really enjoy making super big farms and stuff. Getting enough emeralds or platinum or whatever it was to make multilayered, max size farms is super fun, but it makes the world unplayable unfortunately. 

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If you are using Hamachi, Im guessing there could be 2 factors:
- The server is run on its own without the use of toggling to Lan from singleplayer. (Not a real server, but an internal MC host).
Make sure technic has atleast 2+ gigs of Ram. To do this, you go into the launcher at the top right, click the 3 lines. and goto Java settings. make sure you crank the default up to 2GB or 3. I allocate 6 for mine.

- The server is run on its own without the use of Toggling Lan in singleplayer. (Making a file on your PC specifically for the server to run out of int he background while you play)
Make sure you created a Batch file that has atleast 6GB of Ram for the server to run smoothly, and isn't taking up too much bandwidth/resources for the server to function. 

If the issue persists, than I have to ask about your build, if you have a DDR3 system or DDR4. And if you have ever scanned your PC for malware/viruses.

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You could really benefit from port-forwarding vs. Hamachi, spend some time learning how. 

If you are doing an open-to-lan server, you could also really benefit from grabbing the dedicated server files and running an actual server. Your PC is certainly beefy enough. 

Don't allocate 20GB to the server. 4GB is fine, and 4GB allocation for the launcher is fine too. 



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