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technic launcher being considerd virus?


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P.S: i'm sorry if i'm in the wrong section , if i am please locate me to the right place
um ok so something wrong was with technic launcher a few days ago it wont open i didint put any server (which created settings.json and launcher_profiles.json , if you put it in the technic folder and the server is in there and u run it , technic wont launch) so then i uninstalled that so i could install it again , so then i went to technic launcher website , downloaded it opened it , then my antivirus triggerd and considerd technic was a virus , i downloaded it from original (i mean i clicked on a technic download link from 2015 , so ofc it woudnlt work) , does anyone know why this happens? and can someone provide me a link to the original/real website to download technic launcher? thx pls reply

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48 minutes ago, JaariAtmc said:

It's quite literally just here: https://www.technicpack.net/download

But considering you said your antivirus triggered, you are probably using Norton. Which is crap.

Ahhhhh nevermind that issue was fixed , got another issue which is my modpack takes like an entire 24 hours to just download... why does my modpack take an entire eternity to download

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