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Modpack defaults back to vanilla


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A modpack I've been working on for a friends server doesn't seem to want to work right. Whenever I (or he) downloads it, it just seems to skip the mods.

Now I've successfully made a modpack for him before, and I followed the exact same steps, and in playtesting through just the minecraft launcher with forge, and everything in the mods folder it works just fine. 

Everything in the modpack page is all in order (yes, I've changed the dropbox link to dl=1) and like I mentioned, outside of the launcher it all seems to work fine.

The name of the pack in question is Insanity's Pokécraft, it's public so you can see what I meant by it skips downloading the mods.

Could someone help me fix these issues? Or at least give me the pointers needed to fix them up myself.
I'll be looking around and retrying the pack a few times in the meantime.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1i171az98pkxtk7/IPC pack.zip?dl=0




p.s. I have no clue if I put this in the right forum, I'm a bit dense.

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