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My issue with witchery mod (attack of the B-team)


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I've been messing with the witchery mod and I spent about an hour assembling the circle glyphs for the infernal rite of infusion. I have the infernal animus. I'm standing in the middle of the circle. all of the glyphs match up with the diagram but it still says unknown rite. I'm playing in creative mode so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. The instructions for performing it are extremely vague. first you put a circle of 11X11 glyphs in red then another 7X7 circle with a gold circle in the middle.. did all of this and even stood in the middle of the circle for awhile. 

Can anyone help me with this or is this the wrong place to ask? are there prerequisites?

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I've just tried it, had no issues with the ritual. See screenshot for my setup: https://imgur.com/0HPk7or

You do have the infernal animus on the ground, right? Not in your inventory?

Minor note: The chat message is me retrying the ritual with not enough altar power available to see if that might be the cause or not.

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