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Wanted to replace a single mod in Tekkit with a newer version -> Crash


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Hey there,

I want to replace the mod ComputerCraft 1.5.8, used in the Tekkit modpack (installed version 1.2.9i) with version ComputerCraft 1.6.3 for MC 1.6.4, because some programs don't seem to run properly in CC 1.5.8 Unfortunately, the launcher crashes everytime. I tried the other versions of CC who are flagged for MC 1.6.4, too, but none of them, except 1.5.8 are working.  Would this be an issue with this specific mod or is it not possible at all to modify an official modpack? If that is the case, could anybody post me a link to some sort of tutorial how to create custom modpack or could explain to me, what I need to do update single mods in tekkit pack?



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