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Negative values whilst downloading my pack


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So recently one of my friends ran into an issue when downloading a modpack that I had made myself. though I suppose this requires a bit of background beforehand. I am new to making modpacks and running servers, and only recently did that to give myself and a few close friends a good experience. Initially things went well aside from a few slip ups in the modpack creation department, and it seemed like it would be fine to leave the modpack as is for a while. Turns out I was wrong about that (I think?) because when I cleared out a few mods on both the modpack and server and released an update, it apparently caused some interference on my friends end. They described it as such.

1 million into negative, no green in the download bar at all.

And it would stop precisely at -2147483648%

Now I didn't just make this post without looking to see if other people experienced something similar, as I know that's what a lot of people do. One person ran into a similar error where their issue was a lot of the old files from a previous version were clashing with the new update. So you'd think that this was a similar instance specifically towards that modpack in particular correct? it unfortunately isn't. To test this, I made an entirely new modpack completely from scratch, utilizing similar mods to the ones that are in the current version of the modpack we're trying to play on. And the end result was exactly the same, negative numbers in the progress bar. This also doesn't affect other modpacks, as they're able to choose any random one like Hexxit II and run it fine without the issue affecting it at all. So my question is can this problem be rectified? I don't know if it's just something with my modpack, or the mods inside of it. I had other people try out the modpack to see if it affected them too, but it didn't, they were able to go onto the modpack and server and didn't experience the issue.

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Wait it does? so they just have to wait a long time to download it even though it doesn't seem to do anything? And I probably should've mentioned other modpacks not officially released on technic launcher download just fine, like other user created modpacks that are a dime a dozen.

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