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2 day old "microsoft account locked for violating terms" by playing Minecraft from Technic Launcher in single player.


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i have had my account locked today after playing Minecraft off of the Technic Launcher and my account only has been used by the Technic Launcher as i am Running Windows 7 and only owned Minecraft and the account since "the 3/2/2022 9:57 PM"... (American date, month first, directly taken from the Microsoft account.)

i use Windows 7, and Firefox with all the tracking protections on and noscript. this causes me to have to retry to log in after disabling protection and is the only thing i could think of that made my account get locked. i only played single player and the Launcher tried to log in every time i try to play so for some odd reason i cannot start the game offline. (shouldn't tokens last a month at least? feels like i am renting my game from my ISP...)

anyhow i got lucky my brother has a phone so i could get it unlocked but it took 2 days to get it locked so this does not bode well for the foreseeable future... i need help knowing what i did to "violate Microsoft's therms" by simply playing Minecraft. (read the therms and nothing even related comes close.)

if it is the authentication process failing due to my browser settings, maybe this could be fixed by modding the launcher to be having chrome built in and use that directly instead. (chrome is open source and Steam is basically a chrome browser that can launch games...)

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Wow Microsoft is rather slow in the head to think someone buying a game has no right to play it... i thought it was due to the fact i had to "double sign in" due to my browser settings getting in the way. i usually just go on YouTube and a few wiki for games yet the stat in the shield icon says "Protections dashboard: 38,246 Blocked" from going on less than 100 sites and most likely closer to 30... so the protection stays on naturally.


if they want to stop bot accounts, they could at least wait that they do something... that is like shooting the messenger before he delivers the message, if the message was peace, you would never know.

anyhow i wonder if i can just sign in, start the game and then unplug my internet cable... (i never leave it plugged in if i don't need it, i hate the flashing lights that don't even stop when the PC is OFF...)

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