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Modpacks won't start



I'm having trouble with booting up the game in Technic. Every time I try to start up any Modpack, it starts to load to full, but when it has finished loading, there's a quick pop-up which disappears just as quickly as it appeared. And then nothing.

The Technic Launcher Console states the following:

[B#725]  Error occurred during initialization of VM
[B#725]  Could not reserve enough space for 3670016KB object heap
[B#725] Process exited with error code 1
[B#725] Analytics Response [runModpack]: 200

I tried to research the "Process exited with error code 1" in particular but all given solutions had to do with the main game and nothing has helped me yet. When I start up to base game normally in the Minecraft Launcher, it works perfectly fine.

Can anyone tell me what's going wrong?

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