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EMC changes to 1.03


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Hi there.

My name is Dave. Simply put, When I saw that Tekkit 2 1.03 was being released, I was excited to see what new content was being put out. Until I saw the EMC change. I have to ask. Why? and is it truly going to enhance the players experience to go through several more additional steps to "Have a proper" tekkit experience?

Please understand, I get it. Your doing what you feel is best for the modpack and its nice to see that you care about the balance of the game. I feel however, This is a step in the wrong direction and may hurt players experience with the modpack. I do understand that if I do not like the changes, I can certainly revert the EMC config to 1.02. However, in a server setting, Thats unfeasible for some hosts. 

Thank you for reading, I otherwise enjoy this pack and I hope to see it prosper and grow to new heights. I just hope my critique is taken just as that. A critique. No demands, No anger. Just purely a thought.

Have a great day!


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Thats a dumb reason, its called "Tekkit 2" not "Tekkit but more tedious". If you want a pack thats grindy and is tedious, there are hundreds of packs like that. Part of what makes Tekkit so great is how easy it is. The EMC changes are most certainly a step in the wrong direction and im sad to see such a good modpack be twisted into just another tekkit wannabe.

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On 9/11/2022 at 8:11 AM, JaariAtmc said:

The main reason is that the modpack is called Tekkit 2 and not ProjectE 2.

I very much understand that. My argument was that the pack was made more tedious and less enjoyable than if they had just left the values intact. However, That being said, I'm finding most servers are just leaving the EMC values at Pre 1.03 values. I still am very much enjoying the game. 

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