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Advice for RAM requirements for Hexxit 2


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Hello. I have a bit of a strange situation in that I am currently on an extended bike tour. I like to stop into libraries and go on their computers and have been missing video games. Recently I purchased a flash drive and have downloaded many games (mostly emulators of old games). My girlfriend and I have a Hexxit 2 server and would often play before my trip. So I downloaded a portable version of java and set up the technic launcher from there. However, many of the computers I come across in libraries have only 32 bit systems. Most of them have 8gb of RAM and a i5 or i7 intel processor, but mostly 32 bit systems. My problem is this, the max RAM heap allowed on the technic launcher running off of 32 bit Java is 1gb even though I often have access to 8gb. I have read that 32 bit Java maxes out at 1.5gb of RAM (I don't know if this is true just what I read). But Hexxit 2 requires 2gb minimum to launch the game. 

I am curious if there is a way to increase the max RAM. If not I wanted to know if there was any way to get 64 bit java to run on a 32 bit system (is possible to install Linux in on my external drive in such a way that it could run 64 bit java even with a 32bit system?). But maybe I will just have to wait until I am lucky enough to come across a library with newer computers.


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