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Memory Leak?



Hi, I have been playing the Classic Pack (very similar to tekkit classic) for the past 2 weeks with my friend over hamachi and have had no problems until today. I have a 64 bit computer running 64bit java and have 8 gb of ram allocated in the launcher, much more than the 4 required to run this pack. I was able to play the game fine until I restarted my computer when I got back from my holiday trip and now the game will either not even make it through the launch, or will crash as soon as I join his game. The log states that Java was unable to allocate 1.7mb of memory to load a chunk and that caused the crash. How can this be possible if the pack is running at over double its requirements with no other processes open? It would be one thing if it had always done this, but this problem is new as of today.


[18:55:49] [Client thread/INFO]: Sorting done in 1782100ns
[B#768] 2022/12/27 18:55:51 [INFO]  [18:55:51] [Client thread/INFO]: Default sorting.
[B#768] 2022/12/27 18:55:51 [INFO]  [18:55:51] [Client thread/INFO]: Sorting done in 468300ns
[B#768] 2022/12/27 18:55:55 [INFO]  [18:55:55] [Client thread/INFO]: Default sorting.
[B#768] 2022/12/27 18:55:55 [INFO]  [18:55:55] [Client thread/INFO]: Sorting done in 23470300ns
[B#768] 2022/12/27 18:56:53 [INFO]  #
[B#768] 2022/12/27 18:56:53 [INFO]  # There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue.
[B#768] 2022/12/27 18:56:53 [INFO]  # Native memory allocation (malloc) failed to allocate 1751056 bytes for Chunk::new
[B#768] 2022/12/27 18:56:53 [INFO]  # An error report file with more information is saved as:


Any help is appreciated.

tl;dr not the regular how do i add ram plox?!??

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