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Important Question, Need serious answer's

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Yo peeps on Technic forum Serious question here. i was looking around the forums and i saw quite a few people saying "Oh i cant connect to the launcher because i dont have a minecraft account take away the launcher Plox" so i was wondering Are you allowed to give away minecraft accounts on this forum? i have quite a hefty list of accounts just sat on my desktop and was thinking of giving away a few just so people can have fun on tekkit. so the big clue here is IS THIS ALLOWED?

Would help if i could have administrator and moderators answer's/thought's aswell

(if this is allowed, people who want a account will have to add me on skype(so no "means" of virus passing or leaching will be happening on this forum) and the Account will be provided in a TXT)

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I dont have many, but i have enough to supply a few people

Way to avoid steelcryo's question. The answer will probably be no, seeing as there is no way to test the legitimacy of how you obtained these accounts. If you did obtain these accounts illegitimately (I.E. Cracking accounts), and the Techinc Team allowed you to re-distribute these stolen accounts on there website, they could be held liable. Also, even if these accounts were legitimately obtained, and you could provide proof of that (I.E Paypal receipts), it would STILL be considered a violation of their (Mojang's) ToS, because you would be distributing a means of downloading their (Mojang's) files to people who didn't pay for the files. Its the same kind of thing as sharing serial numbers for applications. Its like asking YouTube to host the serial numbers for video editing software on their front page, "just so people can have fun". Its nonsensical, and moronic to ask.

EDIT: Oh, and who else thinks we need a nominate for Whale Box button?

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What a completely acceptable conversation with three intelligent and calm people with a nice and clean transfer of information, suggestion and a resolution. Amazing! Post of the year



As for the question, that isn't something we're willing to allow on these forums. Its a thing to take on that just invites drama, and as a great woman once said

"we don't want no drama drama"

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