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[3.1.2] Open-MC 24/7 Tekkit Server PvE ((EE Enabled, CC Enabled, 136 Slots, GriefPrevention))


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Banned Items:

  • Waterstrainers - Server Crashes
  • Balkin's Weapon Mod - Server Crashes
  • Teleport Pipes - Server crashes
  • Collectors - Sold at spawn to prevent power flowers!
  • Relays - Same as follows with Collectors
  • Black Hole Hand - Dupe
  • TNT - Obvious.

Some pictures -


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I would like an explanation as to why me and my friend (who was sitting right next to me) were banned from the server after the server crashed two times in a row at around 9:40 eastern time. We spent about 12 hours playing over the last two days and were not given any reason or evidence as to why we were banned from the server.

I have posted a topic on the server website and I hope to get a reply.

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juuuust popping in for a quick second to give my review of this server, they are pushy rude and immature, they are terrible to new players and in general a giant bunch of bitchy cunts.

they will:

harass you for votes via one assistant by the name of gri-imabitch(or whatever it is) if you mention not wanting the item she will be a little pushy and say "well sell it then" which i found to be rude, imo, when you tell them to leave you alone so you might build in peace , she will continue to harass you, for NO REASON, generally resulting in having your shit destroyed, you killed and then ip banned. because of ONE FUCKING DISSAGREEMENT THAT HAD NO SWEARING AT ALL. generally speaking, this server is shit, its mods are shit and its generally a pretty rude place all around

not to mention the bugs... boats and minecarts bug out and you get kicked for "fly hacking" wonderful

so in conclusio n, gri-whatsherface is acunt, and really undeserving of much other than a laugh, the "head Admin" is a sock puppet and all of the staff should probably just off themselves and save the world the trouble.


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