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Graphics/Texture problem with Tekkit Classic

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I have recently purchased a Win 11 Laptop, I downloaded the Technic Launcher and Tekkit Classic, then copied the %appdata% from the 10 machine to this one, hopefully the attached screenshots will be able to show what the problem is, I've also copied the log, which means nothing to me.

I have read a couple of posts from last year with the same/similar problem, both were told to downgrade their graphic driver, don't want to do this before confirmation it's the right thing to do.Technic Console.txt


technic launcher-tekkit classic screenshot1.jpg

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The alternative to downgrading your intel drivers is using a dedicated gpu. Considering you bought a laptop, there's a fair chance you only have integrated graphics, thus you have to downgrade your drivers.

The alternative is playing minecraft 1.8+ modpacks exclusively. This only affects minecraft versions up to 1.7.10.

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