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Modpack not downloading forge

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I am creating a modpack for a server my friend is running. Within this link: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/dsdezxupyq9jh7r58718w/modpack.zip?rlkey=gtxduko466xg2iq8f9103hiw6&st=ufu8j37t&dl=0. there is a modpack.zip, there contains a config folder with the correct files, the mods folder with the mods corresponding to the configs and a bin folder. The bin folder has the extracted forge 1.16.5 jar file which has been renamed to modpack.jar.

I have attempted to just change the forge installer to modpack.jar but this refused to download forge. So then I resorted to extracting and placing that file in instead, obviously both showing no results. I did this with and without the .json file too. I've been unable to get the universal file either so if that is the reason then, I'll just look deeper.

If I could get assistance on this, it would be very helpful and I'd appreciate it. I could just be stupid and I hope it's just that.

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It's something stupid. You put the bin/mods/config in a folder, then zipped that folder. You have to select the bin/mods/config -> Add to zip instead. Right now, there will be a lovely "modpack" folder in your modpack's folder, which contains your 'missing' folders.

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