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ender chest problem [solved]

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ok so i have a couple of setups

setup 1 is using a diamond generator using EE at a town, currently only using 1 tier2 collector, linked by teleport pipes to an ender chest

the second setup is just an ender chest near a trans table in an underground mine (i love the DM hammer :D)

setup works seeming all good and well so long as i STAY in the overworld, i have a dimensional anchor at each setup

heres the problem:

both setups are separated by 500m of water and im often revisiting setup 1 to upgrade the generators

reason for the large separation is a long story, basically my first mining site became too dangerous to keep working on so i had to seal it

anyways on to my scenario:

ender chest is placed at site 2, filled with some pretty expensive stuff(2 dm matter, a dm hammer, dm shovel and a fully charged klein star zwei)

i use my network of nether portals to reach site 1, ender chest is placed

opened chest to find...nothing

revisited site 2 under the impression that somehow the color codes were different between the 2, alas, it was also empty (what an expensive day and ive only just found what really makes the emc)

after a little bit of minign i found my ender chest system was working fine, checked my mining site ender chest and found that the diamonds from my generator were deposited successfully

so, how do i prevent the ender chest bug? or maybe i should just invest in a IC2 teleport system...

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I would go with the teleporter systen. If you have dark matter, then it wont be a problem. The thing might be the time it takes to empty the chest. If you use the hammer, then it would get filled fast, and you would need alot of energy to pump it out.

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Easy fix for chest emptying.

Solar power converted to bc power according to my tests is equal to around 42 items pumped out a second

Good for sorting but not so good for processing

Hopefully it won't fill up that much. Unless you guys are talking one badass set of generators :-) most of my mining goes directly into my Klein star

Anyways thanks for the replies guys :-)

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@Game1235 that's why i use:

at the panels: Solar panels>cabling>Storage>cabling>Energy Link> Conductive Pipe> Power Teleport Pipe

in the mines: Power Teleport Pipe>Conductive Pipe>LV Engine Generator> Storage

which means no need to make a hole from surface to mines

sorry about that i should have been more specific when i said solar converted to BC, now you guys know what i meant, silly me and my hurried thanks...

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