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Equivalent exchange users, whether you be powerful battle mages or simply magic users to make menial jobs simple, the equivalent exchange mod is not directly supported by tekkit lite, if you enjoy use of DM and RM tools, especially usefull items such as mercurial eye, alchemical bag, condenser, destruction catalyst, etc. you're better off sticking to Tekkit Classic. Tekkit lite contains alchemical bags and philosophers stone but without a recipe to craft them, i'm unsure if you can install it yourself or if they (un)intentionally excluded the mod while updating to 1.4.6, but until EE is added, you'd best stick with tekkit classic to keep your EE items

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EE2 is not being updated past minecraft 1.2.5. It is included in Tekkit classic. The mod was created by Xenophobe and was maintained by Pahimar.

EE3 is still in development and is included in Tekkit lite. Lots of items in EE3 have no crafting recipe as the mod author (Pahimar) has not added it yet.

Have a look at http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1540010-equivalent-exchange-3-pre1f/ for more information.

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