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Help with jammed sorting machines.

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Hello, today while on SMP with a friend I started making a sorting system, but the machines get jammed right when I place them down but before anything goes into them. Because noting goes in I assume I've done something wrong pipe wise, but I cant tell what. I really hope someone can help, thanks in advance.



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Your main problem is you have put buffers after the sorting machine. You need to put buffers before the sorting machine, and then pulse the sorting machine with redstone (redstone tubes don't like red alloy wire, best to use ordinary redstone). Otherwise, all you are doing is putting something in a chest and then it won't come out because nothing is 'pulling' it out. Put the buffers before the sorting machine, or use a screwdriver to flip the sorting machines around (This will change the direction of travel however; it will go right to left and not left to right)

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If you moved the buffers, but not the sorters as well, you've now put the buffer blocking a pipe. Also, are the sorters the right way round?

Ok then, back to basics.

1. Make sure each sorting machine is recieving enough blutricity to work.

2. Make sure the machines are recieving a pulse

3. Make sure all the tubes are going to valid destinations. The chests they are going must have space to spare.

4. Ensure that the tubes are coloured correctly (no two colours on one line of tube), and that you haven't panelled one up by mistake.

5. Check to see if you have messed up in the sorting machine interface. Is the sorting mode appropriate?

Another cause might be that you have selected 'Any item with default route as your sorting mode. This means that anything not sorted will go to another coloured tube to the next sorting machine. This means you will have to colour the tube in the between sorting machines so unsorted items know where to go. If you still can't figure this out, let me on the server and I will fix it for you, because I'm nice and also extremely bored.

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