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Ore generation options


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Hi all, long time user and lover of this mod pack..

My son has recently got into Minecraft and I have setup a small Tekkit Light server with added Flan Planes (working well so far!) for us to play on at home.

I wanted to crank up the ore generation a little and went to the mods cfg files only to find that most of the normal options in IC2 etc for copper, tin and the rest seem to to be set to 'false'.

Is this because there is a universal bunch of settings that stop up having two types of copper etc? if so where is it and how, if at all, can I change the settings?

Thanks in advance :-)


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By default I believe, most config settings are set to disable ore generation for their respective mods. This is because many mods spawn the same types of ore (there are like 5 mods that have copper ore), so only one mod needs to spawn the ore type (instead of each mod spawning their own copper ore for example). You can set these spawn values to true if you want, I'm not even sure if it increases the ore density though.

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