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Help please. Solar Panel

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Well, since I know nothing of your setup all I can do is guess. The only reason that I can come up with for them suddenly not working is that they cannot see the sun.

They have a clear shot to the sky right?

I moved them 2 blocks and they worked lol, and now that i changed batbox for MFE my extractor exploded, and when i put another one on its place it automactlly explodes. Could u help again? xD

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MFE outputs EU at medium voltage (128 eu i think), either way you need to put a LV (low voltage) transformer after your MFE so your extractor wont blow up (most machines like the extractor only take lv eu signals)

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Like moxum said, the extractor can only take low voltage (32 EU) and you gave it medium voltage (128 EU) which results in explosions.

You might want to read this page for some information about the energy system in IC2, the table under the "Packet Size" heading would be good to look at. Here is the wiki page for the MFE, the most important part is the max input which is listed on the right.

At the bottom of the page are links to the rest of the machines and items that are in IC2, just click the "show" buttons.

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