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  1. So.. i just made a liquid transposer and i cant give its MJ to my pulverizer, any1 know how to link them properly?
  2. Look : http://prntscr.com/offgp (screenshot). Its not taking energy because the cable is disconected, but when i connect it automactlly takes energy. Ps: The lever is off
  3. I turned off using a lever but it still took power from MFE
  4. Even using Optfine its lagging a lot, does anyone know how to fix this lag?
  5. Hey guys, i just made a fast eletric engine connected with my MFE. Even if im not using the engine it uses energy, how can i dont waste energy when im not using the engine?
  6. Is there a way to remove any mod? Its lagging alot. Ps: Remove from my folder
  7. I moved them 2 blocks and they worked lol, and now that i changed batbox for MFE my extractor exploded, and when i put another one on its place it automactlly explodes. Could u help again? xD
  8. Guys, i just crafted 2 solar panel and they worked very well, now they stopped giving me EU. I'm use glass fibre cable. Please i need these panels working
  9. Yes it is with cheats, just tipe /gamerule mobGriefing off , if it doesnt work try /gamerule mobGriefing false.
  10. Here is the opposite, with optifine its a simple lag, without there's no lag
  11. Guys i need a good seed to Tekkit Lite a.s.a.p please
  12. Anyone got a good seed of a large forest biome?
  13. I did the same with the .zip folder but nothing happened
  14. Sorry guys, but how can i install optifine? I have the 1.4.6 optifine.zip but i dont know where to put. If anyone could explain me step by step i would be very thankful. Sorry for bad english
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