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How do you build a multi-use on-demand smelting setup?


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This is what I want:

A setup that sends freshly smelted iron and refined iron to a chest.

When I take x refined iron out of the chest, it will be replaced by x more.

When I take x iron out of the chest, it will be replaced by x more.

Requirement: Only one rotary macerator and only one induction furnace. Nothing more. The logic should send x iron dust or iron to the furnace respectively when it's needed, and only then. And only the right amount.

I want to use either the regulator or retrievulator to make it happen, but thus far I've only ended up pulling hairs out of my head.

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You can use the red-power Regulator to generate a redstone signal when an chest is less than a desired amount. You can use this signal start/stop the macerating/smelting stack. It probably won't match the quantities exactly unless you make it process ore very slow.

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I can think up a setup to do this, but it'd be unnecessarily complicated, and also unreasonably slow. What I would suggest would be to process ALL your iron ore into iron ingots, and then create refined iron when needed using a similar, but much simpler setup, skipping the macerating process (as well as an additional step of smelting iron) altogether. Because those 2 processes would require a number of additional components to automate properly, taking up both time and space.

It's a sad thing that Logistics Pipes are not in Tekkit Classic, and are not updated to 1.4.6 either...

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