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Items randomly disappearing from chests


Title: Items randomly disappearing from chests

Version: 3.1.2

OS: Linux Ubuntu

Java Version: 1.7.0_09

Description of Problem:

Any inventory or chest contents of one user are being randomly wiped without any warning. I have no idea what's causing it - no pipes or anything like that connected up. It only happens when the user opens a chest, regardless of who placed the chest.

Quite an annoying bug for the user, but could be more fatal if they start opening other peoples chests and their contents get somehow wiped.

Nothing printing on console, and they say they're not pressing the save buttons of NEI (Although that wouldn't wipe a chest anyway?) - I've not changed anything on the server for around a week and this is the first Ive seen of the bug.

User doesn't have any special characters in their username either (I know, for example, that Towny won't play nice with users who's name starts with _ )

Anyone got a suggestion?

Error Messages:


Error Log:

Also none 


Mods, feel free to close. I've figured out this was some sort of attempt at getting creative mode (or something along those lines). I filled a chest with spread out items, told the user to "try checking that one" and then used /invsee on them. I saw all the things quickly enter the inventory then leave again. User is banned - Other admins should be wary of similar tactics.

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