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How to disable chunkloaders

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I thank you for this topic. We suspected of the chunk loaders lagging up the server. We finally have a way to block them...

We now just have to go offline and edit those blocks out >.>

Hope you find your fix to your problem soon. This topic certainly helped us a lot.

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as most server default config allows 10 chunk distance to be viewed at any time by a player, 126 chunks really isn't a lot. Figure you can see 5 chunks wide in front of you and 10 chunks out. 50 chunks per average player (this is not including any chunks the player just traveled through and are behind their view). your 126 chunks loaded is just under an additional 3 players on the server just looking forward. If your server is experiencing lag due to these few extra chunks loaded, you may wanna think about an upgrade. If you were to do a info collect on any decent sized server, you could see thousands of chunks loaded at any particular time.

I think the difference here is that most players use chunkloaders when they want to keep a factory, EE construction, or whatever else running. Those chunks with loaders then tend to consume system resources to a much greater degree than any other loaded chunk.

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Just a few stuff about chunkloaders:

Alone, they do not create any lag, at all. Its machinesetups inside of them that generates the lag. In worst case, a server that crashes due to a wooden pipe onto a condensor, thats loaded with a chunkloader, will crash "forever" as it loads up on startup. One chunkloader also only loads 5 chunks. Center and one at ea side. Its not really dependant on thw viewdistance for the server (ppl still havent figured out that going afk > chunkloaders?)

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