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IC2 issues (solar panels/batbox setup)


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Okay, so after about 20384 tutorials on how to set up solar arrays to batboxes to machinery (IE generator) I still cannot get the batbox (which is FULL of energy) to distribute it's power to my generator. The batbox is directly on the bottom of the solar panel, and the output from the batbox is connected to the generator via tin cable. I've even tried a direct connection from the solar array itself to my generator to no avail. I absolutely can NOT figure out my problem.

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Solar is good for powering refineries that make fuel that fuels generators, til there is a lot of extra fuel, then you can have the generator power the refinery as well during its generation cycle (I always use a state cell and timer to ensure my engines don't explode) so eventually the generator becomes self perpetuating as long as you have an oil source.

But you have to kick it off with some kind of secondary power source just to get everything balanced out right.

Engine Generators are probably my favorite combined IC/BC projects in Tekkit, every new world I try to make an even more insanely compact and even more powerful design.

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