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[0.5.7]HeavenTouch[PvE & PVP][24/7][100 slots][No Whitelist][No MystCraft][Very Nice Terrain]

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----------Server IP----------


----------Server Intro----------

We're a newly established medium scaled server which will be growing rapidly if there's lots of player joining us. We are up 24/7 and we'll do our best for the sake of our player. We need your support to grow and keep the server running and we hope you guys will have a pleasant experience playing in our server.



----------Server Info---------


Region Protect ( MyTown )

MystCraft Removed

Dimensional Anchor Removed

100Gbit connection

4GB ram



Region Protection

--------Banned Item List--------

  1. Mystcraft Items - Lag the server
  2. All Turtles - Bypass region protection
  3. Blue Print Table - Crash the server
  4. Quarry - Bypass region protection
  5. Deployer - Bypass block place restriction
  6. Assembler - Bypass block place restriction
  7. Canvas Bag - Massive dupe
  8. Dimensional Anchor - Potentially corrupt server map
  9. Fillers - Potentially corrupt server map
  10. REP - Crash player client on explosion
  11. Weather Machine - Crash the server
  12. Mining Laser - Bypass region protection
  13. All Explosives - Lag the server & Bypass region
  14. Boomerang & Cannon - Bypass PVP protect
  15. Power Tool - Bypass region protect

-------Server Rules-------

1. Strictly NO stealing & duping & hacking AT ALL!

2. Strictly NO begging for item or /tp or day/night & NO bugging staff!!!

3. PvP is strictly prohibited at spawn, caught with screenshot and you're in trouble. Do /home if someone hit you at spawn.

4. Raiding & Griefing is allowed on non-protected region except for plugin error.

5. Disrespect & bad attitude towards staff will result in IMMEDIATE BAN WITHOUT EXPLANATION!!!

6. NEVER order staff to do anything, respect them and co-operate with them!!!

7. Be kind and helpful to our community, bad attitude or massive cursing is not allowed!!!

8. No compensation on most (99%) circumstances (especially technical issues!) .

9. Please use your common sense!

10. Always do /home here or /sethome before you lose your way!

11. Build at least 100 blocks away from spawn, or else it will be removed.

12. Any loss or inconvenience caused by PvP death is user responsibility.

13. No death spamming, over-aggresive PvP, camping & killing same target over and over.

14. Staff are allowed to struck players for some legal reason, if you think this is disrespect then sorry we couldn't have you here!

15. Official project should be kept secret until it is done.

16. If you cannot accept map reset (due to technical reason & for good), don't play on this server!

17. Drop party is not allowed inside spawn (except for drop party area) .

keep all your valuablesin personal safes !

-------Town Rules & Guide-------

  1. Strictly ONE mayor per town, no assistants.
  2. Mayor is Compulsory to assign at least 4 plots for every single resident using /t assignplot <playername>
  3. The mayor cannot:
    a) pass mayorship to others
    B) kick players.
    c) delete the town.
  4. The mayor is STRICTLY forbidden to:
    a) steal or grief a resident plot in his town.
    B) steal or grief a public/unassigned plot.
    c) unclaim resident plot without notifying the resident & the resident is not online. The resident must be given sufficient time to move away before his plot can be unclaim / remove.
    d) abuse any bugs or loopholes.
  5. The mayor is liable for ANY property damage or loss in his resident plots.
  6. Residents must keep all their valuablesin personal safes !
  7. No inappropriate town names.
  8. No PvP inside towns.



We hope you guys bear with us if there's any bug / error / unexpected downtime as we're working real hard to keep everything going smooth. Do donate to us if you're capable and enjoy your stay in our server =D

Please Register
and link your minecraft character with us.The system will automatically rank you up after you register =D !

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could you explain rule 8 a bit more, kind of odd wording ;p would love to join, just wish TNT worked, as if you have it disabled creepers are as well. I like having "fun" ways to mine ;p

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