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[0.5.7]HeavenTouch[PvE & PVP][24/7][100 slots][No Whitelist][No MystCraft][Very Nice Terrain]


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----------Server IP----------


----------Server Intro----------

We're a newly established medium scaled server which will be growing rapidly if there's lots of player joining us. We are up 24/7 and we'll do our best for the sake of our player. We need your support to grow and keep the server running and we hope you guys will have a pleasant experience playing in our server.



----------Server Info----------


Region Protect ( Self Chunk Claiming /chunk )

MystCraft disabled

100Gbit connection

2GB ram

25 slots


Region Protection

----------Banned items----------

Afew Ranged balkon gun mod weapon


Mining Lasers

Anchors & terther



-------Server Rules-------

1. Strictly no Griefing & Duping & Hacking At All

2. Strictly no begging for item

3. PVP is not allowed in spawn, and bannable

4. Raiding is allowed on non protected region

5. Minimal cursing is allowed

6. Respect staff and cooperate with them

7. Hide your quarry and any pipe/tube underground else it will be removed

8. No Compensation on most circumstances

9. Use Your Common Sense !

10. Always do /home here before you lost your way

Do /chunk to protect your region by claiming land ( 1 chunk = 16 x 16 x 256 )

Add your home coordinates to your waypoint !

Remember to do /sethome when you found a suitable spot



We hope you guys bear with us if there's any bug / error / unexpected downtime as we're working real hard to keep everything going smooth. Do donate to us if you're capable and enjoy your stay in our server =D

Why is this server whitelisted now?

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im trapped in a nether portal, the land is owned by maxwolfboy, and all of my stuff is now gone(i died and was trying to recover it). This portal is linked to the one at spawn. If someone could destroy the marble blocking the portal and/or unclaim the chunk, i would be very appriciative

P.S. I cannot talk inside the portal, so if im on with anyone else, please tell the owner

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