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theprolo: come on. First, the ultra edition now has all the features, which you can turn on and off at will. So it wasn't about support.

Would you like to know my theory? Starts with "mo" and ends with "ney". Honestly. Their main download is adf.ly, which is ok, I guess. But their mirror download, instead of adfly, goes to their own custom "Wait for the download while we show you ads" page, which isn't even a separate download location. In other words, it's all about the money.

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Yeah, but stopping the rage isn't what's best for the community. What's best for the community is raising a bit of outrage so either a.) the Optifine people abandon their money-grubbing ways, or b.) people come up with an alternative that isn't encumbered by such things. (likely open source)

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