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[0.5.1]RizzlCraft[No_PvP][Whitelist][8 Slots][No Mystcraft]


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Whitelist server with a small but growing group of good people. All ages welcome!


Whenever I look for a good tekkit lite server, I always seem to have trouble finding one. When I do find one, it is either shut down, or is impossible to play on for one reason or another. I also find that single player tekkit can get boring. Therefore, I have decided to try running a server. I'm hoping that this turns into a place that people want to come back to - both for the play and for the company.

Please be respectful of others so that everyone can have fun. No pvp. No griefing.

•Server IP: rizzl.no-ip.org

•Whitelist: This is a whitelist server. please visit http://rizzl.weebly.com to apply for access.

•Mods removed/disabled: Mystcraft is effectively disabled due to lag. The descriptive book cannot be crafted, however the rest of mystcraft items can be used for decorative purposes.

•Banned items: None, but please use your common sense.

•Expected uptime: 24/7

Server Rules:

Below are the server's rules. They are nothing complex, and should be easy to remember. It is expected that everyone knows and obeys the rules. Suggestions for additions or changes are welcome.

1. BE RESPECTFUL! There is no patience for hate or intolerance (homophobia, racism, etc)

2. No griefing, theft, etc. This really shouldn't have to be said.

3. No PvP. In the future, we might have a pvp arena or other designated area.

4. Use common sense! I can't clearly define this, but just be sensible: If someone is already building there, find another spot (there's plenty of space!). A prank is one thing, but don't let it get out of control. If you have a friendly competition, make sure it stays friendly.

5. Mystcraft's descriptive book is disabled. Travelling to ages would just introduce too much lag, so don't do it.

6. TNT, Nukes, etc are permitted, but if you use them (for mining, or whatever) make sure anyone else's stuff is well out of harm's way, causing damage to other players stuff is bannable, so be sure.

7. Replant. PLEASE replant! If you pick it, plant a new one. If you chop it down, plant a new one. Please!

8. Have fun! This is a game, and games are to be enjoyed!

This server is strictly survival only. There is no theme or style currently, although a corporation role-play seems to be developing. I intend on leaving the theme and style to develop and evolve naturally.

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