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SHPAX PureBDcraft troubles


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i've just downloaded tekkit and the Sphax PureBDcraft has troubles im using x64 and the zombies just have head and the heads have no tops some of the tekkit textures don't work like the alchestor chest. Also its not the texture pack tested it on minecraft and I've seen it on youtubers channels and their textures work just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't know if the issue the OP has is exactly the same as mine but I also am having issues with the PureBDCraft Textures for Tekkit. I have tried all the current and old packs and they are all the same the quality never looks as though it goes over the standard 16bit texture even though i have used the current MCPatcher. Not all Textures are covered by the pack things like Iron Ore are vanilla and yes I also have had the floating Zombie heads try to attack me. It's not a GFX Driver issue as I know my system is up to date. I have followed the install procedures to the letter and still get the same result every time. I can use the 16bit build and the 512bit build and the only difference between the two is the load time.

Just so you can see this image is 128Bit


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I am having a similar issue, I haven't gotten any machines built so I don't know if their, so far the only blocks I have found using the default textures is Copper ore and Tin ore, I have looked in the texture pack files and have found the textures for them in several places.

Edit: After more game play I have also found it applies to Lead ore, Silver Ore and Ferrous ore.

I feel like an Idiot, I was using the Tekkit Classic texture pack not the Tekkit Lite, changed to the right one and all is well...

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