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Greetings! i need some help on.....


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Well i got the mod pack to work perfectly, no crashes no lag nothing, but i am trying to find out how to set up force field, when i Google it, it just sends me to the tekkit tutorials and i don't see any Volts ones.

Me and my friends are going to do a war thing where we fight each other from a legitimate start, aka no creative mode and see who wins, now i hear that the force field is the only thing that can protect you from anti matter and hypersonic missiles and i would like to understand how the force field work before starting the challenge.

If anyone could set me on the right track i would extremely happy.

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I'd play around with it in Creative mode before you create a dedicated system, but the Tekkit Tutorial should be applicable, as far as I'm aware, its the same systems, except they replaced EU with an equilivant UE power requirement. If your still stumbling, check the Voltz wiki/forum itself

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Sadly not as there are may different cards and such, also i don't know what things i need, i know a capacitor right and just.... i don't know its very confusing me a lot and a video tutorial would be great.

Also the things you need are different and that's what confuse me, Like in Tekkit you have the EU injector, the core and the projector, tho i see the same things in Volts but how to hook them up also confuses me.

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