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Mystcraft and its role (how I used it) in Voltz.


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I've been playing Voltz for a week with some friends, we manually added Mystcraft for various reasons. The first one being that we're constantly trying to kill each other and when someone puts a strange matter nuke under your house it's nice that you can have a secret stash of machines or items in another world.

We also like to build in a sort of theme, so we can build with a war theme in the overworld, with fences and concrete and everything.

With this thread I'm trying to ask why not add it officially back into the modpack. I get that it might lag your server up if someone is stupid enough to add 15 dense ores to 1 world or that it doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the mods but it's difficult to really have an all-out war without it...

At one point I made a sort of small setup with particle accelators and it took a really long time to get it set up and everything. But then 1 thing goes wrong and you have to start -all over- while with Mystcraft you would set up the valuable things in another age and hide several linking books in the overworld with rei's minimap.

Why not add Mystcraft back into it? It doesn't really fit in but without it it's really hard to have any kind of war scenario...

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Doesn't anyone else have any stories like this? Or does anyone else want Mystcraft to be officially re-added?

If you're worried about servers being overloaded you can just change the recipe of the linking and descriptive books by adding a diamond or something to it.

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