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Texture Pack for Macs


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Right just downloaded and got technic finally up and running. Wanted to have the texture pack from Yogscast tekkit series, but I don't have a folder in Application Support for Tekkit or Technic so I can't add the texture pack to my texturepack folder... what am I meant to do?

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The texture pack link is www.bdcraft.net You can find the patch under "Patch" and then "Modpacks" then "Patch Details." But before you install the patch, you must have the default texture pack folder, (Sphax Pure BD Craft). I recommend the x128 because is runs the smoothest and isn't to large. Also, I am having the same issue sbridgew is having, I cannot locate the folder. I have looked under application support and found 2 folders. When I opened them, they both had Minecraft in them but one was empty and the other had mods and texture packs in them, I guess that was for my actual Minecraft launcher. Could someone give me step by step instructions on where to find this folder. Maybe even how to search it in finder or spotlight.


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