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Mining Laser


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Seems like the mining laser has no mode switch in this version of IC2, and its locked between low focus and long range...and thats fine and all, but it doesn't seem like the power requirements were adjusted in line with it.

Effectively it seems like I go through 500000 EU pretty damn quick for having absolutely no options at all to increase the effectiveness of the laser beyond a hard set limit.

Is this something I can adjust in the config? Cause if I'm going to blow through 500k EU that fast, I at least want to be making larger holes.

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I'll give that a shot, I switched the Rei config to the apostrophe key and everything involved with it on that side but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Whats even more hilarious is blowing through around 100000 EU to kill one zombie with it.

Yeah that didn't work, switched to V, then switched to F, it simply doesn't switch modes at all.

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