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Annoying server problem


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Hello everybody. Me and my friend are trying to play tekkit classic together but we cant find each others servers. Well my friend can find and connect to my server but its lagging to much and he cant really do anything in the game, but i cant even find his server. We both have very good compeuters, and we are giving the server over 10/16GB of RAM so i really dont think that is the problem. We both have a good internet connection with over 30Mbps and less then 20 ping. we have also tryed to fix this problem in such ways like turning off our firewall, be at the same network (LAN) reinstalled the client and stuff like that.

We really want to play together, so we really hope that someone could help us finding out whats wrong.

Thanks :)

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You see that i dont have a normal internet with just one router:/ I first have a home central that again is connected to my D-link DIR 655 router, so i have two routers.

It looks like somthing in this picture:

I have tryed to port forward my D-link router but the ports is still closed, i think they are closed because they are not opened in the home central, and i have no idea how to do that.

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