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tekkit lite problems problems problems


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No disrespect to the developers intended, without them we wouldnt even have tekkit,and my programming skill level is alarm clock BUT,

Lite should never have been released at this time.....

why is it that the getting plugins thread to work has almost 18.000 views

I am a server owner and lite has been nothing but frustration and headache for me.when i heard of the merge with tekkit and minecraft 1.4.6 i thought this is a dream come true, but is quickly became a nightmare.

for the past 2 weeks my day has been as follows:

2 hours per day server repair, 3 hours per day listening to players complain,2 hours per day scavenging the forums for solutions

ive been lsitening to 100`s of players whining non stop to me, "why doesnt this work , why doesnt that work, i cant tp, my zone is griefed , help me im beeing greifed."..............and so on....

i cant run a server without plugins, and the plugins that do work dont work a 100%.........more errors in the console then in terminators head when he was lowered in magma.

forge? bukkit? bukkitforge? forgebukkit? im not a developer but a user.making everything work is a freaking nightmare. i had minecraft servers for years and had a tekkit classic server for years, and i have never ever seen so many problems.

since i started this light server on day 1 ( i was the first lite server in the server post on this forum ) i had to rebuild the server more then 20 times, i had to make a new world more then 50 times, no joke....

ive been messing around with the configs and it doesnt work and is not compatible with plugins

put tnt on false, guess what? still blows up.

put explosions on false,guess what? still blows up.

there is also something in the codes that players percieve as lagg, 2 weeks now, people say to me lagg lagg laaaaaagggggg, and im tired of it, i used to have 2 servers with 6 gb ram dedicated each on this pc ,and now i have 1 tekkit lite server on the pc with 12 gb ram dedicated and the exact same internet provider, and people laggg laggg laggggg, i never had lagg complaints when i had 2 servers with less ram so whats going on???

i know that at this very moment many great developers are trying to make it all work, and im gratefull for that, but lite should not have been released at this time

i, as a server owner, am the frontman to the players, and ive been catching nothing but nastyness from people......ive been called names and other horrible stuff, because it doesnt work....

total server meltdown, make a new world "where is my house, i had an awesome house, this server sux!!!"

so ill just wait untill i have core protect and tekkit customizer so i can run a server............

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Lite was brought up to bring Tekkit up to the latest MC, Bukkit support was pulled because the Bukkit team won't help developers integrate their mods, at a guesstimate it was said to be 40+ hours of work (quote is few months old now)

So the old bridge stopped getting developed

When Lite was released there was ForgeEssentials which was effective at taking over server protection but then the FE team asked for it to be pulled because it was very early in development, so the Tekkit team obliged

If this is a problem then change back to Classic and have Bukkit support or manually install ForgeEssentials/Bukkit

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