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Creating new textures


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The Forge way is one file for all the textures. One texture per file was the old modloader way, and it may be the correct way again in the future, but not now.

None of the tutorials seem to make it clear how to chose which part of the file is the texture for the block that you want to have that texture. Where do you chose the texture index for each block?

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They sort of do tell you, but I'll reiterate.

  1. On the client side, somewhere in your initialization logic, you need to call

  2. In you block file make sure that you have this override.


public String getTextureFile() {

    return "/your/texture/file.png";

Finally, when you instantiate your block (instantiate means to call the constructor), make sure to set the texture parameter to the index of the texture you want in your texture file, starting from 0.

If you want your block to have more complicated textures, instead of doing step 3, you will instead override the various getBlockTexture* methods to return the correct index in the file based on conditions like side and metadata.

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