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Technic Launcher Will Not Download Tekkit Lite

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Greetings everyone!

I just had Windows 8 on my computer, but my experience with it was awful, so I reinstalled Windows 7 this afternoon. I installed all of the proper drivers, and anti-virus software, Chrome, and all that jazz. Now on to Tekkit Lite.

I've had no problem with the Technic Launcher in the past, but for some reason, when I try to set the launcher to "Always use development builds", it won't download properly. In the grayed out box, it lists "0.5.3|1.4.7|Latest". But when I login from the primary menu, it won't download any of the mod packs. But TekkitLite will still start.

However, on the main menu, it says that only three mod packs are downloaded and installed. Does anyone else have this same issue? Or any solutions to manually download the latest version of TekkitLite? Thanks!



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Oh, well you posted the most confusing sounding "bug report ever".

All you had to say was hey, I clicked 0.5.3, it downloaded, then it loaded up, but no mods were installed. Is that the problem you're having? Everywhere in your first post all you said was trouble downloading like 5 times. Not once did you say it actually loaded up...

and if that's the problem, it's a problem with the launcher and we just have to wait for them to fix it. But I'm sure they're aware of it because it looks like it's for everyone.

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Yeah, I just wanted to provide as much background information as I could, but I do agree that it sounds very confusing the way that I put it.

Anyways, I loaded up 0.5.2 just fine. It played fine. But it's not compatible with 0.5.3 servers. So I tried installing 0.5.3. It downloaded and started up fine, but looking in the bottom left corner at the main screen when it starts up, it says only 3 mod packs loaded. It didn't download all the mod packs. Which is so confusing. I have no idea what's going on.


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