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Tekkit-Dynasty On Tekkit Lite! [No Lag] [24/7] [No White-list][Working Factions][46 Slots]


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Server Info

IP: mc.tekkit-dynasty.com

Website: tekkit-dynasty.com

Connecting to tekkit:

Connecting to Tekkit Lite is extremely easy!


About Us

We are a fun 24/7 Tekkit Lite server that is always accepting new members! There is never a whitelist so come log right onto the server!

We have very friendly staff that is willing to help!

PVP, Raiding, and Griefing(to an extent) Is Allowed!

We have many popular plugins like Factions, Essentials, Web Auction House and many more!

Tekkit Dynasty is a tekkit server with Raiding, Griefing, Factions Server is running 24/7 Very Few Banned Items Player Based Auction House

Banned Items

Dynamite/Sticky Dynamite

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now i know you have your hands full with stuff but i have a few FRIENDLY suggestions. i dont want you to think im an ass and know more then you i just mearly want to suggest a few things that might make it so that players have a better time on this server.

-banned items

nukes (the bombs not energy) came across an area that i can show you a screen shot of that is compleatly destroyed from a bomb nuke.

tnt (at least from placing it)

mining lasers (bypaces protection)

the code to prevent mob block damage - makes it so that creepers and enderman dont destroy or move blocks.

the reason i tell you this is i have seen people blatenly go up to houses and blow them up. a matter of fact there was one that droped on our house as we were making it and blew it up. i honestly do not want to spend a bunch of time on this server and make really intricate things, machines, and or houses just to have it grifed bc someone is having a bad day.

i love that mystcraft is enabled on this server along with the wepons mode. i love it to death :P

lava placment (not gathering for machins) went thru the world and found a place where someone is walking and droping bucket after bucket on top of trees. we assume jet packs.

we love the fact that your factions is working perfectly on this server, but with that we see that we ahve money but it does not cost any money to claim more land. that can maybe cause problems in the future. also (granted i have only been on the server for a few hours) i do not see any shops that we can sell, granted if money is not needed on this server then no shops are needed of course.

i am not disgrunteled and i actualy love this server. no lag and all mods is AMAZING.

if there is a reason why you have things a certian way then let me know why.

once again i hope this doesnt upset you and thank you for taking the time to read this and hopfuly respond :) i have no problem helping out if you need help

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