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Small Tekkit Server uses Hamachi

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Hi I was wondering if anyone would like to join a small server that my friend and I made together. It is all Tekkit Classic with no banned items and is pure survival. We also use Skype to talk and message each other. I don't want random people getting on and starting a war and nuking it so I made it using a Hamachi network. I will give the network info through private messaging. If you wanna join, this is no PVP annd no Griefing of any kind server. You do either and it is a ban forever. Age restrictions are 13-15. So if you want to join this is what I want you to post.

Username in Tekkit:


Programs (Skype):

Additional information:

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username: krishna


skype: krishna.patel510

hamachi: i have it

I have been playing tekkit for about a year.I am looking for a server which is small and has no griefers. I am expericend in tekkit and would love join a server like this

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Username in Tekkit: CHall_74


I actually don't have Skype, I've made like 2 accounts but yeah I just use Facebook

Hamachi: I Have

I would like to play with you because all my friends don't have tekkit so I don't have anyone to play with so I was just looking for some fun guys to play with. I watch the Yogscast so yeah I think it would be pretty cool like that and I'd help out with you guys in building stuff for you too.

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