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Voltz+Tekkit-lite+McMyAdmin+Bukkit Tutorial


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As promised guys i finally got a youtube tutorial up for you guys, its my first online video hope it helps you guys and is informative :) - I instruct you on how to setup and install a linux OS for installing

Voltz + Tekkit-lite + McMyAdmin + Bukkit via BukkitForge


Let me know what you guys think on my youtube channel,

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Thanks this is exactly what I want to do....the only Q is can remote clients auto-config when they join? or do ppl have to mod their client? I run a small server for my 14yr old son and his friends so most cant do "complex" things like adding stuff, so we just run voltz, but I love tekkit lite and voltz! so would like both....LOL...

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Clients would have to likely clear game folder and start with fresh to input the zip for the teklite. Problems can arise. and as far as the video youtube compressed it making the quality crap for video and my mic is isn't the best for the audio. I'll try again in the future if their is enough requests but its seems people don't really care about merging the two they just go for one or the other for server simplicity and to negate client modding to connect. I am working on a new build zip that merges the two but adjusting item id's to work is hard, and some items end up merged or over writing others. But it does function for the most part.

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