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Quick Launcher Question


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Even though i consider this a quick question, it does require some knowledge. I haven't messed much with java until now im mainly a C++ coder. Anyways i have literally figured out and changed everything i need/want to with the launcher but only one question remains..

What needs to be changed/updated so that the launcher knows it has a update. I am NOT talking about modpacks being updated that was easy, im talking about the launcher jar/exe/files themself. I can see in the code in several places where it checks its version number.. ok.. where is it checking that version number at, and what needs to be changed.

Does anyone know how this part of the launcher works, it would be greatly appreciated as its the only thing i have left to figure out.

Also minor second question that isn't important but im curious.. why are there separate background images, and about/changelog pages in the launcher web files for each modpack if (as far as i can tell) they aren't used at all? Are they used, ive never seen a area for it.

Edit - Also.. i tried changing the version number putting it up on the mirror host, and changing its checksum id which i thought was how it was checking its version number.. but nothing happened. Is there more to change than that, or am i going in the wrong direction. Any input is greatly appreciated. x.x

Edit 2 - NVM i see the background files, and such are used for the new dev version of technic launcher which looks completely different lol. All though i still dont see that using the about.html or changelog.html either. But i still need to know how the launcher checks version number and updates x.x

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:sorryfornecroing: I'm pretty sure the launcher checks the version number assigned to each version(no duh..) against the version number of the the most recent updated verison from a server, and if they match, it goes along it's merry way, if they're different, the launcher downloads and patches it's files from the server.

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