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mob are not spawning correctly??


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hello, last night I rented a new server with tekkit lite on. Soon as I made the server, I edited server.props and changed it from default "easy" to "medium"

We played for a few hours, everything was fine, mobs spawning everywhere, mobs with armor and everything.

Woke up this morning, went online and mobs don't seem to spawn hardly..

at night time, outside in the wilderness there was like 1 skelington and a zombie. all with no armor and such, it seems that hardly anything is spawning anymore. I think "maybe" there may be a mod that puts the armor on the mobs, and maybe that is broken so only a small % of things are now spawning.

When I say not spawning, I mean I can spend all night outside in the dark doing whatever and sometimes never even encounter a mob..

Any help please?

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Have you tried to set the "view-distance" in server.properties to a value higher then 10? I had the same issue with nearly no mobspawn and setting it to a higher value than 10 solved the problem.

Someone on this forum told me that setting the view distance to a value < 10 affects the mob spawn behaviour somehow.

Maybe the mob spawn was ok when playing with more than one player because they force the server to load more chunks = more mobs can spawn.

I would recommend 12 or higher. It doesn´t effect ressource cost on my rented server that much.

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do you run MoCreatures by any chance? that mod is flawed in that even if you disable ModifyVanillaSpawns and DespawnVanilla, it still sets "/gamerule doMobSpawning" to false, might wanna check for that. setting it back to true will last until the next server restart

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I know this is kinda a dead thread, but a shameless work around is your behaviour ingame. go to the corner of 4 chunks and move between them, in those 4 chunks alone will have a higher respawn rate. just like resetting sheeps wool. change the chunk.

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