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[[Help/Bug!?]] Can't Craft Obsidian Tools in the New Version of Mekanism

Avarice of Man

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Alright I am not new to Voltz and I know should be using ingots and not the raw. I have the ingots and have tried making every tool and armor piece there is. I see them in the TMI list, but when looking up the recipe it just doesn't pop it up. I never had this problem before 5.2.0 so I was curious if this is a bug, or an intentional switch in the making of the tools. If there is another machine or item I need to craft if someone would please tell me what that is I would be grateful. If this is a bug I can only hope it gets cleared up quickly. I would also mention in terms of things that should be updated, that in the new version conflagration (now exothermic I believe) are still unnamed rather then the new name.

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