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How do you set up Tekkit on to Multicraft server

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Hi have been trying to set up Tekkit on to my server which uses Multicraft and have been very unsuccessfull as items do not load and the map loader does not work so there are no vocanos, oil and any other things related to tekkit

Can some one please help

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I was having issues with this the other day, how I eventually got it to work was this:

Upload all the Tekkit files to the multicraft/servers/servername diretory

Crete the jar folder in multicraft/servers/servername

Move the "mods" and "config" directories to the multicraft/servers/servername/jar directory

Move the "Tekkit.jar" file to the multicraft/servers/servername/jar directory

In multicraft find the server, and click the "show advanced option" checkbox so it expands the options

Make sure the "Look for JARs in" option is set to "Server JAR directory*"

Then set the "JAR File" option to Tekkit.jar

Start the server and open the console window

Check it's loaded and generated the worlds and says "Done blah blah 23s" as it will not show as online in Multicraft (the green circle icon) for some reason

Hop on the server and see if it's generated the custom blocks

Rejoice (hopefully)

Stop the server in Multicraft

rename the jar from "Tekkit.jar" to "craftbukkit.jar"

Change the "JAR file" option to craftbukkit.jar

Start the server, Multicraft should now show it as online (the green circle)

Reconnect and if all has gone well it should all be working

This is what I did after hours of arsing about trying to get it working, YMMV.

Debian 6 x64

Sun Java 7

Hope that helps.

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